About me

Sales Director. Book Lover. Opinionated.

Born and raised in Timisoara, Romania; with a B.A. in English Language and Literature and a M.A. In American Studies. Forlorn enjoyer of books and literature, devotee of art and culture, indulger of music and cinema, proponent of social progress and inclusion.

I have been working in Sales for over 10 years - Starting as a bookseller at Carturesti, moving after 4+ years as a Sales Consultant at Survey Sampling International (now Dynata). Having skill and perseverance I moved up the company ranks becoming quicky an Account Manager and now Sales Director, managing over 20 people, a large portfolio of clients and more than 6 million dollars in revenue.

Since January 2019 I am an active member of the newly formed +PLUS political party, advocating the removal of corrupt politicians from office and replacing them with a new, clean and committed generation that will speak and act responsively on behalf of the people they represent.

Management - 4+ years Experience

Account Management - 7+ years Experience

Sales Consultancy - 8+ years Experience

Sales - 10+ years Experience

What I do


Currently managing a team of 3 Sales Managers and more than 20 Account Managers across multiple territories and teams, providing support to hundreds of customers. Developing new products, refining our core offers and mentoring employees on client development.

Account Management

I have been managing one of the largest global clients in the market research industry since 2014. During my tenure I have had double digit growth year on year across my entire portfolio, defying industry trends and cemeting long-lasting relationships that have been benefecial to all involved.

Sales Consultancy

Being the first line of contact between the company and the client, I have become an expert of the product and offer. During this time I have simplified and improved the backend tasks and helped the company to have the best and most competitive offer.


I have started working in Sales since I was in college. Through my proactive nature and fast learning skills I have made myself a key asset in all the companies and teams I have been a part of - taking the company's strategy and adapting it to the needs and preferreces of customers.


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Book: Regarding the Pain of Others

Pain has always been a lonely experience – something that cannot be shared with anyone.

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I am here

An itch. A twitch. Just one second and I am no longer myself. A nerve goes haywire and my body...

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Book: War Against War

Not an easy book to read, but although uncomfortable it is one necessary read and experience for...

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Book: Without Sanctuary

In certain aspects the human mind works in a rather simplistic way: we forget the wrong we did and...

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Between Confusion and Misinformation

People took to the streets in the last few days in Romania to protest against an executive order that...

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Carte: Sunca pe paine

De fiecare dată cînd deschid o carte de Charles Bukowski simt cum un fior îmi trece prin...

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Carte: Libertate

Viaţa cotidiană modernă implică o mulţime de elemente sociale aflate într-o strînsă legătură ...

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Carte: Insemnari dintr-o tara mare

Cînd nu e ocupat să scrie Despre toate, pe scurt, lui Bill Bryson îi place să scrie cărți de călătorie.

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Film: Caini

Ceea ce trebuia să fie doar un film obișnuit într-o seară plicticoasă a devenit o întreagă experiență...

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Carte: Scrisoare catre tata

L-am descoperit pe Kafka în facultate când am citit pentru prima oară Metamorfoza – cred, dacă mai țin...

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Timisoara, Romania


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